GLAM-Wiki 2015 Re-cap: Friday April 10 – Sunday April 12, 2015

Group photo taken on day 2 (I'm on the far left!)
Group photo taken on day 2 (I’m on the far left!)

I attended GLAM-Wiki 2015 at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek & National Archive of The Netherlands, The Hague, NL Friday April 10 – Sunday April 12, 2015. The conference was planned by Wikimedia Nederland with a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation.

Presenting and organizing meetups:

During the conference, I attended the following workshops in addition to the main day events. As a note, the page for each session should contain a link to an etherpad w/ notes co-authored by attendees:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3

Some thoughts and Considerations:

  • Europeana made an appearance in several workshops about content collaborations with institutions, and are particularly active in creating tools to make content donations easier, and have employed Liam Wyatt as part of their team.
    • While the U.S. isn’t in the scope of Europeana’s activities, the organization has a lot of similarities to DPLA (the Digital Public Library of America). After talking to Alex Stinson, I’ve found that The Wikipedia Library and community members are interested in working towards a collaboration with DPLA that might resemble the Europeana collaboration. Stay tuned for more on this or get involved in the Wikipedia Library project.
  • Many different groups [including the WMF] are interested in creating better resources and materials for SPECIFIC types of GLAM collaborations – i.e. different materials for academic libraries, public libraries, special collections, archives, etc. [In this vein– this is one thing I’m working on with members of the GLAM-Wiki U.S. Consortium]
  • There are many more tools for measuring GLAM collaborations than I realized! Many are located at:

If you have any questions about the conference or specific sessions / take-aways, I’d be happy to go into more detail!



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